COVID-19: How SAPTM is delivering amidst the pandemic

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The COVID-19 virus has caused a drastic slowdown in the different industries around the world. The quarantine put in place in trying to address the pandemic has adverse effects on traditional service delivery models that depend heavily on in-office delivery. The pandemic challenges the traditional way of working for various sectors such as banking, manufacturing and government that are generally change-averse where we are seeing a certain shift on their way of working.

In the technology sector, the lock down has forced paradigm shift on how IT operations are executed with a shift in focus to remote working and collaboration tools which brought acceptance to the new waves of IT service delivery framework. SAPTM Consulting, Inc., from inception, has focused on alternative ways of service delivery such as Software Development Factory which has helped customers with their project delivery.

Prior to COVID-19, SAPTM has already delivered tasks and projects through our Development Factory model which are delivered remotely and in synchronization with the customer’s project delivery models.

While Development Factory is not a recent idea, the benefits of our development factory goes beyond the challenges in workplace such as COVID-19. Two of the most significant benefits of Development Factory is shorter turnaround time and cost efficiency. Traditionally, software development are estimated as a whole and in concurrence with the overall project delivery. It tends to lengthen the effort estimation model wherein, in the likes of waterfall model, the estimation is done at the project planning which tends to be rigid in structure. In Development Factory model, deliverables are estimated on a component basis which lends to improvement to the estimation model as it is a repeated and improving process. Secondly, as the resources and logistics are costed on the effort perspective, with additional efficiency in effort estimation, there is no requirement to keep resources during downtime. This reduces the billable headcount and need for logistics/infrastructure to deliver remotely.

SAPTM Consulting, Inc. has delivery models in-place that help our customers deliver their development requirements and continue their projects while being challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a proven methodology that has already been in-place even before the pandemic struck that can help our clients move forward rather than stop the operation.

btorresCOVID-19: How SAPTM is delivering amidst the pandemic

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